Purchase Art Photographs from FAR Imaging's Artists' Pavilion

Purchasing Process:

a) Online Purchase (available for Mexico only)

  1. Go to the correct gallery for the image you want:
  2. Click on the image you want to purchase
  3. There's a menu above the image, place the cursor on "Buy" and click on "Select Product"
  4. Choose your print size
  5. Select the size of the print you want and the number of copies
  6. Add to cart
  7. A message will appear in the gallery, click on "View Cart", it's likely that you will need to register to proceed
  8. Check the information presented
  9. Click on the "Check Out Now" button
  10. Verify the Shipping address is correct and click on "Continue Checkout"
  11. Select the Shipping Method (there might be an additional charge for shipping)
  12. Check out using Pay Pal (in case you prefer to make a direct deposit please contact me)
  13. Once the order has been received it will be printed in accordance to each artist's specifications
  14. The print will be shipped to the address indicated in the order (step 12)
  15. Delivery times depend on the workload and destination but in average it will take betweet 3 to 4 weeks.

b) Offline Purchase (available Worldwide)

In case you live outside Mexico or want a custom job please call me or email me so we can discuss the details of your purchase..

Thank you for supporting photographic art!