The Artists' Pavillion

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Probably one of the most exciting things about the world we live in is to understand that we are in the middle of a dramatic change process where traditional ways of creating, working and communicating are being modified, practically overnight through new and powerful colaboration tools, social networks, suppoted by the Internet, of course.

The realm of photographic art is also impacted by this trend where the Internet promises simpler and faster alternatives to learn, develop and communicate through ebooks, videos, webinars, etc. From a cultural point of view, the Internet is achieving the objective of linking together communities that up to recently were separated or even isolated thus enabling an exchange of ideas, concepts and values that have nurtured and will keep on nurturing the creativity of the large and increasing number of artists out there.

This new section of FAR Imaging has been created to show, promote and commercialize the work of photographic artists who have invested their time and money in developing their voice, ideas, vision and message. I am a strong believer the Internet will open new doors and opportunities for these amazing artists so they can keep on developing and giving deeper meaning to their work.

On the other hand, for FAR Imaging's visitors and clients, this new space is intended to become a reliable place online where interesting photographic works can be found, a place to learn more about what makes an image valuable and a place where you have the chance to acquire works of photographic art that will make your life richer while helping the artists to keep producing new and better material.

It is an honor and a great joy to have the opportunity to show the work of these artists, I am sure you'll enjoy these works. in case you want to receive additional information, updates and offers about the artists joining this initiative please take a minute to register here.

Guest Artists:

Maryell Finisterre Diazmuñoz

Juan Pablo Cardona