Best Lightroom Presets




Have you ever wondered how professional photographers manage to give their images that "trademark" look?

Well, the truth is they or their post processing assistants invest a long time trying on different layers of adjustment such as changing the white balance, adjusting curves, changing color tone, increasing contrast and brightness and finally do some selective dodging and burning until they get to the image they originally envisioned while keeping the original file's integrity.

As you can imagine this whole process can be quite exhausting, but the silverlining is that once you get it right for a particular kind of image all you have to do is save your work into a predefined setting a.k.a. "preset" and you can apply them fast and easy to all the images you want. That's the value of having presets in your post-processing aresenal.

Another great thing about presets is that they can significantly cut the learning curve for photographers that have little experiencie with tools like Lightroom and, if you know where to look you can find an enormous amount of presets you can apply to your images and take them to a level of creativity you've only dreamed of before.

In the past I have tried several presets and I particularly enjoy playing around with the ones that create an image that is very different to what I'd have created myself, the way I see it, presets are more than technical tools. They are a means to broaden my horizons and think of new and fresh possibilities.

In terms of availability there are many web sites  where you can get cheap or even free presets. However, I've found that going about it this way usually takes a lot of time of evaluation to finally come up with one or maybe two good presets.

That's where the digital Photography School (dPS) comes into you probably know I am true fan of Darren Rowse and his work. I do believe that he does go the extra mile to make sure only high quality products make it to his web portal, so I've got to tell you, I am not in the least ashamed to admit I am a fierce promoter of his brand, website and creative resources (of course having the chance to get a few bucks in return for recommending awesome products is a great perk).

In fact last December I took full advantage of dPS Christmas sale and snatched up the 101 Landscape Lighroom Presets (hey, you should already know FAR Imaging is about beautiful landscapes!) and I am happy I did because my creative alternatives just went through the roof.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to dPS and get the Presets Pack so you take your portrait and landscape images to a whole new level.