Peace of Mind House in NCPeace of Mind House in NCCampbell Trail and Lanier Falls in Raven Rock State Park in the Autumn of 2014


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The Harmonious Integration of Nature and Mankind to create real Progress (ir a la versión en español)

I have always been a sucker for the amazing landscapes, animals and plants that can be found when one steps into nature. On the other hand I am also a big fan of mankind and the technical developments we have produced throughout history, I believe it is remarkable how we can face any kind of rough terrain or impossible weather and transform it into a place that can sustain our lives.

For a long time I thought of both of those things (nature and objects made by men) as separate, even opposites but now after spending some time in great, wild places I arrive to the conclusion that through a carefeul and balanced interaction between nature and the human objects we produce we can make our world into the best possible version.

In my opinion, real progress is or at least should be the result of putting our most creative minds, our most novel technology into the service of the natural world. That way the world will begin to heal, animal and plant species will prosper and at last humans will take full responsability for taking care of this world.

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