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Maryell Finisterre Diazmuñoz is a multidisciplinary artist that has studied with Ricardo Diazmuñoz, Ricardo Bernal, David Huerta, Oscar Wong and Saul Serrano, among others.

In terms of photography, she has colaborated with several tourism publications since 1995 such as: "Alta Hotelería", "Gastrotur", "Fotozoom", the column "Encuentros con Mexico" part of De Viaje! published by Periódico Reforma, "Azul", "Suite 01", "Altitud", "Diez, el viaje perfecto" (by Mexicana de Aviación, Grupo GW; 2006/2009); supplements "Primera Clase", "Generación Universitaria" and "Hombres" published by El Universal and Convenciones magazine.

In 2012 her photography work took part in the exhibition entitled "Los Colores de mi México" (My Mexico's colors) in the Mexican consulate in Sacramento, CA. That same year some of her photographs were included in the collective exhibition "SELF" in Times Square, New York and as part of the "Glastonbury Fringe" in England.      

In 2014 under her plastic artist pseudonim: Free Oxygen, her photography work entitled "Some Blues Beyond Mars II" was used by the English band Carousels & Limousines as the cover for the "Superman/Strange Love" EP,

Maryell currently lives in the city of Bath in England where she continues her career, photographing and designing covers for different english music groups.