Juan Pablo defines his work as "Magical Realism" within a documentary line; which revolves around a look of Mexico that aims to capture the mix of nostalgia, timeless and contemporary elements. The anthropological search is presented through the recovery of a Mexico that is in the process of disappearing, highlighing a precise moment of an irrelevant situation.

His work has taken him to document "Festividades del Bicentenario y Centenario 2010" (Mexico's celebration of its Independence and Revolution), being the only documentary photographer that took part of this important celebration.

In May 2015 his work was selected to be displayed on the "Rejas de Refoma" as part of the project entitled "El Mexico de los Mexicanos" sponsored by Fomento Cultural Banamex. In addition he was celebrated by CONACULTA in the 2014 program for this work.

Juan Pablo has a degree in Industrial Design by Universidad Anahuac but his visual education took place at Saul Serrano's Centro de Arte Fotografico and was complemented by other masters of photography like Francisco Mata, Vida Yovanovich, Federico Gama, Yolanda Andrade and Daniela Edburgh.


Juan_Pablo_Cardona_Circo_PayasitoJuan_Pablo_Cardona_Circo_PayasitoJuan Pablo Cardona fotografía el Circo - payasito en su cuarto


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