E  e-books

The capital "E" is for Educational electronic Books (ebooks) for Learning New Photography Skills

1) Digital Photography School (dPS).

Darren Rowse is a bit of a celebrity in the world of blogs and digital products. He is the clear example that following one's passion can lead to amazing personal development, opportunities and accomplishments. He provides super useful, high-quality, low price (killer combo if you ask me) ebooks on photography and blogging, some of these ebooks are created by himself while others come from many other talented photographers. In any case I see a very high standard of quality in the materials the Digital Photography School offers.

Some of the ebooks you might want to look into:

For Getting Started:

For Landscape Photography:

For Portraits:

Photography using your iPhone:

Blogging: If you like writing blogs and are thinking about creating income from them, I seriously reccomend you check ProBlogger

A couple ebooks you might want to check too:


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