Drone Photography

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There's never been a more perfect time to harness the benefits that photography through drones can bring to your business or project, whether you intend to document ongoing progress of an infrastructure project, show the dimensions of your state-of-the-art industrial facilities or just capture an amazing location under a completely fresh new look, trust FAR Imaging’s capable and experienced drone-operating crew to bring to life the best imagery and videos possible and show a side of your company no one has ever seen before.

The true power of photography has always been its ability to revisit things we are familiar with in a different way thus expanding our vision and understanding. Through drone technology we get an unparalleled opportunity to produce amazing views and perspectives of places and things with such clarity and proximity that it would be near impossible to produce them any other way.

Of course aerial photography has been around for some time, so what's the difference now?

Well, to begin with drones can cover a lot of territory but they are especially effective in that specific range that goes from "too tall for a human yet still too low for a helicopter or plane". In addition, when operated correctly they can fly under different kinds of weather conditions (several times a day even), without putting human lives at risk or jeopardizing the integrity of valuable infrastructure and at a fraction of the cost of chartering helicopter rides; which need frequent refueling and constant checking for weather conditions before getting airborne.

In terms of image and video quality, drones can support different types of camera gear so you can rest assure that you will have the right kind of file and quality for your specific project.

Of course technology is just a part of the winning equation and at FAR Imaging we are well aware that your time is extremely valuable that's why we provide experienced visual experts that can quickly review, edit and post process the best images captured in the air to really underscore the value proposition of your brand, project or business. In case an appealing video is what you are after, we work with amazing video editing professionals that deliver beautiful work time and time again.

However, operating large drones is not something that should be taken lightly as they could seriously injure somebody when out of control, that's why at FAR Imaging we only partner up with expert operators with over ten years of experience in building, flying and maneuvering these devices under different types of conditions that also fully comply with local and federal regulations.  

We are more than confident we have the right team and tools to create powerful aerial images for you.

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