Circus in the words of Juan Pablo Cardona

Juan_Pablo_Cardona_persona_entre_cortinasJuan_Pablo_Cardona_persona_entre_cortinasJuan Pablo Cardona fotografía el Circo: Persona entre cortinas y carpas

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The photo series entitled "Circus" has a formal unity and a clear narrative that opens the door to two separate but complementary readings: "The Cirus as a magical and nostalgic place" and "The Circus as a place of work". This is now a solid project, however it remains open and under constant development.

The real interest behind these images is to document with excitement the life of the great family that makes up a circus and its voyage in this complicated times, so complicated even that it could probably mean the end of an era of what I regard as the most magnificent show in the world, in Mexico.

This circus has no fixed place or attachments, it travels continuously between Puebla, Tlaxcala, Hidalgo and Estado de Mexico, they live hand to mouth in accordance to the ways and traditions set by their grandparents; which translates into seventy years of setting up and living in tents.

It is hard to know if the circus as our generation has known it, will still be able to carry on since every day they lose battles against laws created by political groups that are after media exposure only, using incoherent messages about controversial topics.

I am not interested in capturing the illusion that arises in the Arena, nor the well-lit acrobatic acts but to develop the photographic illusion brought about by contrast, shades and back-lights.

On the other hand, I couldn't or even wouldn't want to escape the common places of that fascinatig universe: the atmosphere of seduction, the illusionism and the magic, freedom and fantasy; the trace of sadness that lingers in the memory.

After all...that's the Circus I know.

Juan Pablo Cardona - July 2015


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