A stop in the road

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A stop in the road:

In every project or activity there comes a time when it seems impossible to move forward. I can recall that many years ago I was driving my first car and I was trying to “parallel park” but somehow I maneuvered myself into a specific position between the two other cars where for a moment I thought I couldn’t move either backwards of forwards without crashing. I believe I even let the wheel go and told my sister who was sitting right next to me “I don’t know what to do now”, she still cracks up in laughter when she remembers this story.

This same thing has happened to FAR Imaging to some extent, the blog became a weekly habit that I enjoyed doing but the actual message was not really aligned to anything, it was just an opportunity to spend some time writing about something, anything really that I thought would entertain an unknown yet existing audience. In truth, the real situation is that I was probably talking to a small number of people in an otherwise empty room.

When my responsibilities changes, that same lack of focus that had characterized my blog became a heavy sand bag that kept me away, so I decided to embrace the opportunity to really think about the goal of my work, the images and my words.

Needless to say this analysis has not been easy, fortunately I have had great friends, family members and coaches around me who have kindly shared their opinions with me thus, giving me new points of view that have enlarged the original vision and giving me new ideas on how to build on the initial effort.

In the next communications I will elaborate on the different elements I have been working on but for the moment, let’s just say that I’ve never been more sure that the photographs I produce have a relevant role to play, that of showing the amazing combination of natural and man-made objects in harmony so people get to know it, feel like experiencing it and strive to preserve it.

Maybe the overall aspiration is way too unrealistic, however in a time when the activities that make our quality of life worse because they pollute our food, air and water have become automatic I feel that it is my responsibility to promote any positive change I can. I do so through my images, and these words.

Starting now I will take a more active role searching, identifying and communicating initiatives, tools and systems that promote a better quality of life for the people living on this awesome planet and for the ones that will come after us.

Through my images I promote the reconciliation of humanity with our natural environment; which in turn improves our health, our quality of life and in the process generates amazing landscape images.

I am aware it is a small contribution given the complex problems we face but I am convinced that no effort is too small because it is not too late to act.

In the end what is an ocean if not a collection of individual water drops?



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