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Seward, Alaska: An unexpected tiny oasis in the middle of downtownSeward, Alaska: An unexpected tiny oasis in the middle of downtownSeward; Alaska: A tiny oasis is hidden in plain sight in the streets of downtown.

Seward, Alaska: Un pequeño oasis se esconde a simple vista en las calles del centro.


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Probably one of the photo projects I have enjoyed the most was the one that allowed me to visit Alaska because for some weeks I did nothing but spend time in nature, get away from the busy city, get to know new people and of course take a ton of photos of those majestic landscapes that impressed me and captured my imagination.

Once I came back to Mexico City I worked tirelessly in selecting and post producing the best images from the adventure; whch meant several weeks and countless hours in front of the monitor, making sure that images looked as good as I knew they could, to then place them on my web site and my social networks.

Based on my own experience I can tell you that one of the most frustrating things about being on the Internet and having a web site is realizing that the number of visitors is quite small while one is really putting the maximum amount of effort on it. It’s the digital equivalent of having a restaurant where no one ever comes in despite the food being tasty and healthy.

So, for many moons I kept a web page with images that had been carefully curated but nobody got to even see, so I started looking for other people’s opinions, web page developers, digital marketing advisors, friends and colleagues.

The news didn’t take long to get back to me, in general terms:

  • User experience was cumbersome

  • The shop was difficult to navigate

  • Purchasing mechanisms were too few

They told me that while the images were worth looking at, it was still necessary to strengthen the bond with the visitor through the written word.

Therefore, I had to options, the first one was to try to make the most out of my existing tool and trust that in time the user experience would get better…to be honest, the chances of this happening were rather slim.

A second alternative was to develop an open source website, flexibl, adaptable and that could deliver a better user experience.

I guess Einstein said it perfectly when he defined craziness as “doing the same things over and over while expecting different results”, so I opted for alternative number two and today I am pleased and proud to share with you the new online store for FAR Imaging. I’d really appreciate it if you could take a look and see for yourself that those lovely Alaska photos you already knew now have a much nicer showcase.

Let me know what you think, please.


P.S. In order to celebrate the new web page I have prepared a special offer for you that have always wanted a FAR Imaging Alaska image but for some reason had not acquired it yet. To learn all about this special promotion please register on the newsletter.


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