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The Artists' Pavilion at FAR Imaging is glad to present the second artist that has joined the project, she is  Maryell Finisterre Diazmuñoz.

I've had the pleasure of knowing Maryell for almost ten years now, in fact I met her when I was just entering the wide and fascinating world of art photography. As it turns out, she was in charge of preparing the dark room for the film development practices; which means that she had to handle the chemicals the process requires and put them in trays, she also helped us to use the magnifying glass, the projectors, filters, etc.

I will never forget the first word exchange we had, she in her usual light/upbeat tone saying to me: "Hi, the course won't start this week" I immediately replied "how come nobody let me know before today?" and her answer: "well, we tried telling everyone about the change" <silence>, so with any further discussion I had to go back home. In retrospective I now think that while I did not learn anything "photographic" thad day I sure learned something about artists.

But I time it was very clear that Maryell besides running the dark room had a strong artistic foundation. Her education had begun at her home when she was just a little girl and then she took it upon herself to look for new ways to develop her artistic vision and learned from different teachers.

The fact was that at a young age she was perfectly capable of creating work that reflected her feelings and opinios about different subjects. Her weapon of choice has been careful and detailed self portraits as you will discover when you see the work she is presenting at her microsite called: "Silly Sins".

As far as I'm concerned, Maryell is a wonderful person and a brilliant multidisciplinary artist (she sings, she paints, she makes photographs, and who knows what else) that besides creating is also capable of helping other people produce intimate and significant images...however, don't be fooled by the innocent, child-like look in her picture should you ever make the horrible mistake of making her angry (may God have mercy on your soul) you'll soon discover that behind that attractive, young face there lives, breathes and thinks a sensible, intelligent, opinionated and passionate woman.

Now that you know Maryell a bit better I hope you'll enjoy her images and her words.

I'll keep you posted


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