It’s funny because in the end you die!

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Irish_Cemetery_2015Irish_Cemetery_2015Irish Cemetery in Galway 2015: A long exposure take in late May

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“Life is full of lovely, little ironies” – Raymond Reddington

I’ll start by saying that yesterday could have been the last day of my life, I had a business appointment at 12:00 p.m. so I was hunting for parking space half an hour before that, I found a nice little spot about three blocks from where I needed to go. I checked and I had no spare change for the parking meter so I decided to go into a convenience store and grab a bottle of water.

I walked to the parking meter and there was another person using it, after a moment he said…”it seems to be full” (I didn’t know that could happen by the way) so we had to look for another one. The closest one was about one block away, finally I got my sticker and I just had to go back to my car and place it on the dashboard.

As I was getting back I approached a large street and before crossing I looked left and saw no cars were coming, since it had been a while and I began fearing I'd get “the spider” and a ticket I decided to run…I had given three steps when a car suddenly passed in front of me from my right side…I had looked the wrong way and had I run faster I would have gotten myself a small ride on the hood of the car.

It was a plain stupid mistake on my behalf but that’s how things get ugly, right? I remember I laughed about it like “man you’re an idiot” and went about my business but after some thought I think it might have been a blessing in disguise.

I know everyone thinks of death in a different way, for some it may be liberating while for others it’s downright scary…for me at this moment in time it would be “ironic”. In fact I imagine myself having a conversation with God about it…it would go something like this:

  • I’m in a large room all covered in this amazing white light and suddenly I hear a strong, deep voice
  • God: Yes?, you wanted to see me?
  • Me: God, is that you?
  • God: Were you expecting anyone else?
  • Me: No, of course not… I’m glad you are here…see I think there was a mistake
  • God: Aha?
  • Me: Yes, you see I was just crossing the street and I didn’t look both ways (my bad I know) and ended up getting hit by a car but I mean it was just a little mistake….I don’t think it should cost me my life…especially now!
  • God: Aha!
  • Me: Yeah, you see I have been doing all these things and I just think I am finally getting clear on where I want to go.
  • God: So you think it’s not fair?
  • Me: Exactly God! I’ve been improving in so many areas and I want to get to my goals  
  • God: Aha…gimme a second please...
  • (intercom sound) voice answers: “Front Desk”
  • God: Hey Pete, come up here, will you?
  • Peter: Sure thing boss
  • Three seconds later, St. Peter is in the room with me
  • God: Pete, Francisco here is telling me he feels he has been pulled ahead of time and that it was unfair because he has been putting so much effort working towards his goals.
  • Peter: I see
  • God: Francisco, please carry on, what kind of things have you been doing?
  • Me: Well, I’ve been working in producing beautiful photographic art…landscapes you see, to show everyone the amazing places you created.
  • God: Aha, what else?
  • Me: Well I try to be good person, you know be a good son, brother, partner,etc.
  • God: Aha…and you had plans?
  • Me: Oh yes! Heaps of plans!
  • God: Really? Tell me all about them?
  • Me: Well I was going to visit every amazing place in the world, I was also going to live in a wonderful Italian villa by the sea, where I’d grow old with my wife and see the ocean from the terrace.
  • God: Aha! And that’s not happening now
  • Me: Exactly so that’s why I think it’s unfair and you should send me back.
  • The light starts to shimmer a little, I’m thinking I’ve made God angry but it turns out it’s laughter. I turn to see Peter and he is biting down on his lip hard to keep from laughing too…I am puzzled, then:
  • God: And did you worry much?
  • Me: Oh yes! All the time
  • God: About what?
  • Me: Well, pretty much everything:  having enough money to pay the bills, taking care of my family, being safe, global warming, the state of the economy, understanding the new world…heck! even about my dog getting sick
  • At that specific time both God and St. Peter burst into a massive, hysterical laughter, God’s laughter sounds like a thunder storm while Peter can barely stand, his face is all red and tears are coming down his eyes.
  • God: Ha,ha,ha…what’s the name of the dog?
  • Me: It’s Misha
  • God: HAAAAAAHAAAAHAAA, a Russian dog!
  • By this time Pete is rolling on the floor, I am puzzled while I look at the scene finally I say:
  • Me: What’s going on? Why are you laughing?
  • God: It’s just all too funny!
  • Me: How come?
  • God: You see…it’s just too funny because in the end you die! HAHAHHAAHAHAHAHA!
  • Me: I don’t get it
  • God: Aha! You had plans and you had worries but none of those matter anymore because….guess what?
  • Me: I’m dead?
  • I turn to look at Peter in search for additional clarification, by now he has been able to compose himself a bit, his face is still tomato-red and he keeps trying to hold the unstoppable laughter within while he glances at me, nodding.
  • Me: Well, I don’t think that’s funny
  • God: BUT IT IS! You’re taking this whole thing too seriously…give it a few and you’ll see it’s real FUNNY!
  • Me: But God, what do I do now?
  • God: Hmmm, I know! George Harrison is playing at the “Cloud 9” tonight, wanna come?
  • Me: Err, well yeah sure…what time do we meet?
  • God: Any time you want…I’m always with you.


For another one of those “lovely ironies of life” click on the image above or here to take a look at these beautiful cemeteries in Ireland and Mexico, do you want to know what the kicker is? You have to be a visitor to enjoy them, permanent residents have the lousiest views!

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