The Artists Pavilion at FAR Imaging

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The Artists's Pavilion at FAR Imaging

Fairy_and_Lepri_Dublin_2015_smFairy_and_Lepri_Dublin_2015_smFairy and Lepri designs on a wall in the Temple Bar District on Exchange Street Lower
Dibujos de hada y Lepri en una pared en el distrito de Temple Bar sobre Exchange Street Lower


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There’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a few months that has to do with bringing artists producing great works closer to the general public and to those collectors that appreciate photographic art. But before I explain what I am talking about, let me talk a little bit about the rationale behind this initiative:

I believe, in fact I’m positive that there are a lot of great photographic artists creating amazing works of art, however as far as I know (and researched) there is no website, webpage, etc. devoted to showing and promoting photographic art exclusively; which means these great photographers and artists end up relying on traditional methods that involve: booking a place to show their work, trying to get picked by galleries, printing, framing, mounting, etc. All of this involves major spending on a lot of things without really knowing whether they will be able to recoup those expenses and when.

And then I thought: "Weeeeell…maybe I can do something about it…what if I started talking to some of the photographers I know that have invested their time and money in developing their vision, skills and art and offered them a small space in FAR Imaging so they can share some of their experiences, projects and works?...that way a larger number of people could know about them."

To the general public this initiative would mean access to amazing work, and even to exclusive pieces that can even be purchased online. Think about it, a wider offer and maybe even get a better price, knowing that every aspect related to quality is taken care of.

On the other hand, to producers, especially to the “upcoming" kind this means being able to show their fantastic works of art to a larger audience without the expenditure of promotion, they’d only have to spend to print when they‘ve actually made a sale. I don't know about you but I think that is a real happy scenario.

And so, with this rather basic idea I started talking to some people and I am very glad to tell you that “The Artists' Pavilion” at FAR Imaging is being inaugurated, and if you are reading this then you are invited to come visit it on Thursday August 13th, and trust me when I tell you I have a great treat for you.

As a final note if you are reading this I want to invite you to think if anyone you know would benefit from this initiative and if so, refer them to this blog or to this link so we can contact them and see what we can put together, believe me when I tell you that person that you are thinking about will thank you for it.

Ok then, so I'll see you at the Pavilion on Thursday, August 13th. If you’d like to get a  reminder on the day, just register here and I’ll be happy to send you a message.



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