Meet Juan Pablo Cardona

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Meet Juan Pablo Cardona


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Today the Artists’ Pavilion at FAR imaging opens its doors, well it’s online so there are no doors to actually open, but you know what I mean…and let me tell you that you are in for a real treat. I am really proud and excited (almost like a giddy schoolgirl) to introduce you to Juan Pablo Cardona and his work.

I met Juan Pablo in 2009 by chance, it turns out I signed up for a weekend-long workshop on “Portraiture and Self Portrait” and he was also there. If you have ever taken a photo workshop you probably know there’s not a lot of time to sit around and talk to people about the little things in life that make everything just worthwhile. You are there to explore ideas, try new approaches either technical or aesthetical and basically produce work like crazy.

The last assignment of the workshop was to create a “self portrait” (not a selfie mind you) and I didn’t know how I wanted to picture myself, so there I was lost in my thoughts, pondering what to do when suddenly I hear a voice behind me “can you help me move this couch out to the street?”, yep, you’ve guessed it…that was Juan Pablo who was pretty sure on what he wanted to do for his “self portrait” and yes, soon enough there was a couch in the middle of the street and Juan Pablo going crazy at it, while people either looked curiously, helped or just got out of the way.

In the little amount of time I have spent in the world of photography I can tell you there are some people who just have got it, you know? You can take a quick look at them and know that they are on their way to creating something relevant, something powerful and meaningful and in my opinion Juan Pablo is that kind of person.

There are lots of reviews about Juan Pablo’s work and you can go on the Internet to read them all, but here’s my opinion: This is a real honest guy who is not afraid to let his camera do the talking about what it is he believes. At one moment he is capable of delivering a Hitchcock-like image to then transport you to a nostalgic, magic world on the brink of disappearing.

Juan Pablo has been kind enough to support the Artists’s Pavilion initiative and he now has a micro site at FAR Imaging where you can find his amazing work entitled “Circus”. I strongly recommend you go and visit it right after you are done reading this blog. 

Besides his brief history I can tell you already there are two other things that you can’t find anywhere else: exclusive works he is only promoting and selling on FAR Imaging and the description of "Circus" in Juan Pablo’s own words.

Don’t miss the chance to watch, admire and buy truly emotional work.

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