Secrets To Happiness

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Secrets to Lasting Happiness

Heart_and_Corn_in_Lol_TunHeart_and_Corn_in_Lol_TunLol Tun Caves: Ancient rock formation that were often visited by the Mayas on important dates.
Lol means flower
Tun means stone
Combined means, "Stone Flower"

Grutas de Lol Tun: Formaciones de roca antiquísimas que eran frecuentemente visitadas por los mayas en fechas importantes
Lol significa Flor y Tun pieda, juntas significan "Flor de Piedra"


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Back in March I related I had just been to Yucatan for some time off, remember? In case you don’t I’ll recap real fast: back in February I was in Yucatan taking advantage of the fact that the weather is still not that hot or that humid, like in the middle of summer (a.k.a right now).

On one of those days I went out to check out the Loltun caves where I walked through amazing, centuries-old rock formations. In order to see the caves a tour guide must come along to tell the story of the place while leading people through the right path as the caves extend for several miles (some of those miles are still unexplored so it would be a bad idea to leave tourists to wander around the area unchecked).

I actually wrote a blog about what it was like being there, and the sense of awe that arises from knowing that one is walking through the same caves ancient Mayas used to visit to exercise their “rites of passage”, such as graduating from school and talking to the gods.

In particular I remember that upon reaching the last chamber of the explored caves, one sees a large space where the ceiling has caved in and one can see the trees and sky above ground. What people often don’t see (until the guide points it out at least) is that right by the entrance there is a drawing (more like a carving) on the wall depicting an ancient god the Mayas believed in.

Along with the drawing there’s a message of the two things people need to do in order to live a happy life. How about that? No “Ten Steps to Happiness”, not even “5 points” - Otro Rollo style (it’s ok if you don’t know it, it was Mexican show from several years ago)…it’s just two things, you want to know what they are?

Are you sure?

Wow..look at the time, I'll tell you tomorrow ok?

Just kidding...well, there are two secrets, one apparently easy and the other one is a bit hard:

The Easy One:

"You have to let time do its work"

Upon some consideration I think this one seems easy but is really not. It sounds simple enough as it pretty much implies doing nothing but waiting for things to happen. That's of course until you realize that what it truly means is that all those things you have been working for passionately, will probably not materialize in the timeframe you had expected, hoped or even needed; then it becomes harder to just “let time get around to it” one has to develop, maintain and keep a strong feeling of faith and an unbreakable belief that the actual rewards will indeed materialize in time.

The Difficult One:

"You have to forgive others and yourself for everything bad in your life."

Forgive yourself for everything you dislike or hate about yourself, everything you regret, everything you thought you should have done but didn’t, everything you thought you would never do and did. Then forgive anyone that has aggravated you, either willingly or else, those who pranked you and made you feel miserable, those who have hurt you when you just showed them love, those who have let you down over and over again…just forgive it all, drop that weight and carry on.

In late May I reached a checkpoint in my photographic project and decided to take a break to work on the happiness factors indicated above. I think I have moved a bit in the right direction and now I'm excited to come back to this project of mine again and communicate with you the latest developments, so take a moment and register to be informed about:

  • The most important thing by far - Contribution to the Craft:

A couple months ago I started putting some thought into how I could make good use of what I’ve learned in the past 20 months regarding digital strategy in benefit of other photographers. In the next blog I'll tell you what we have come up with.

  • I went on a trip to Ireland…a friend of mine said to me “wow you love going out to cold places” after being there I wouldn’t describe Ireland as cold but colorful (although when I came back I did come down with a cold so maybe it’s a bit cold after all).
  • I’ll share with you other projects in the making and maybe one or two surprises

Ok then, nice seeing you again, don't forget to register to stay informed.

I'll keep you posted




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