Artists' Pavilion Initiative

The world of photography is vast and exciting, under the same roof there are:

Those photographic artists that travel to the furthermost places of the Earth to capture a landscape never seen before, or to redefine iconic places that have been photographed by all kinds of people.

Those artists that through their portraits show the relationship of a particular person to their environment, to the camera and to the photographer.

There are fashion photographers that shape and polish their style to highlight the  trends and the vision from many prestigious brands in the fashion industry.

Of no less importance, there are photojournalists that put their gear and their lives in jeopardy to graphically cover some of the most relevant and potentially world-changing news.

Thanks to digital cameras hunderds of millions of people have found an affordable means to encourage their imagination and creativity to produce high quality images that showcase their talent and interests.

With all these many people and personalities associated to photo production it should not come as a surprise that the amount of images that can be found in relation to any topic are abundant, maybe even overwhelming. This abundance of images also has an impact on the relationship that people have with an image; which has become increasingly fleeting since, how can one ever commit to hanging one particular image on a wall when every single day thousands of new images that can be more to our liking are being produced? The answer is: true art endures the test of time.

The truth is that while there are many images in the world it is still a small number of people who can speak clearly and concisely through a camera to show a clearly defined notion or concept that they continuously keep showing and enhancing. These are the true photographic artists, who have invested their time and money to understand the language of photography, its history and actors. All the knowledge they have acquired through time has been used to express their ideas, dreams, fears, nightmares, longings, tastes, environments, realities thus creating a body of work that will live on. 

On the other hand, at least in Mexico it is still hard to find places devoted to offering and promoting the imagery of photographic domestic and international artists. More often than not it is up to small groups and collectives to invest their own time and money to come up with a place where they can show the work they produce, hopefully in an area busy enough that will allow a large number of returning patrons.

Based on all of this, I have decided to open a new space on my web site to show, promote and sell the work of several photographic artists who have invested in developing their ideas and opinions. Hopefully the Internet and its promise of democratic access for everyone, will allow in time a growing number of visitors and potential buyers. The two main objectives I am after are:

  • That people who enjoy experiencing and acquiring art has a trust worthy virtual space they can visit
  • Create a new space where photographic artists can get benefits in the form of promotion and maybe even economic returns

I fully understand it is impossible for one person to know every other photographic artist who happens to be creating a body of work worth seeing or promoting, that's why it will be up to the photographic artists to suggest new names to be invited to be part of this initiative based on their preparation, history and work,

At the end of the day this space is just one more effort that continues the undertakings of those institutes, professors and other specialized internet sites that have worked very hard to encourage a higher level of artistic quality production either technically or thematically.

In case you wish to participate in this initiative just click here to download the guidelines document.